We are delighted to announce the provisional Australia Awards Timor-Leste scholars for 2020.

Twenty talented women and men from across Timor-Leste have been competitively selected for a life-changing opportunity to study at a range of Australian universities.

The awardees will study subjects ranging from Economic Policy and Nutrition to Predictive Analysis and Health Sciences in support of the Government of Timor-Leste’s National Development Priorities (2011-30).

Congratulations to the twenty Australia Awards Scholarship Awardees 2020

Twenty-one-year-old Awardee, Safira Esperanca Da Cruz Carvalho, from Viqueque, who will study a Bachelor of Nutrition said,

“I’m looking forward to studying in Australia and developing my knowledge of nutrition policy and programming. Once I’ve qualified as a nutritionist my goal is to return to Timor-Leste and help my country tackle undernutrition by educating young people about healthy eating, food regulation and safety.”

In recent years, Timorese women like Safira, who were less likely than Timorese men to have a bachelor’s degree, had less opportunity to apply for international scholarships because many only provided for study at the masters and doctorate level.

This year Australia Awards in Timor-Leste reintroduced undergraduate level scholarships, a change that has more than doubled the number of applications from women in comparison to the previous three years.

Australian Ambassador, Peter Roberts OAM, said “Congratulations to the Australia Awards Intake for 2020. We’re so pleased to see even more women applying this year and are proud to support such an impressive group of young men and women to study at world class universities in Australia.

Their scholarship experience won’t just develop their knowledge and skills, contributing to Timor-Leste’s future development, it will also build new and enduring friendships with Australians.”

On graduation, awardees will bring back new research and skills that will build capacity, helping fast track Timor-Leste’s economic, social and sustainable development.

Back home they will join a cohort of more than 308 Australia Awards Alumni, many of whom hold influential positions in the government, public and private sectors. And all of whom are striving for a brighter future in Timor-Leste.

Congratulations go to;

Agostinho Maia, Anita Dos Santos Silva, Celestino Ximenes, Delfina Martins Kastono, Deolindo Ximenes, Dircia Elvira da Conceicao Carvalho, Edgar Tavares Pereira, Edgard Valente Tay, Emilia Freitas Lay, Eufragia de Menezes Soares, Felisberta Moniz da Silva, Flavio Fefourli Antonio Bonito, Francisca Cecilia Ximenes dos Santos, Jacinta de Fatima Mendonca, Joaquina Marques Soares, Jose Virginia Ribeiro Marques Cabral, Maria Imaculada Conceicao Guterres, Mario Filomeno da Costa Pinheiro, Safira Esperanca Da Cruz Carvalho and Yanti Kus Dewi.



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