2019 Australia Awardees Celebrate Inclusivity

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We are delighted to announce the new intake of Australia Awards Scholars for 2019. A score of talented men and women from across Timor-Leste have been provisionally accepted for a life-altering opportunity to study at a range of Australian Universities.

For the first time in the scholarship program, this year’s intake includes two awardees, Casmira do Rosario Maia and Antonio Castro da Costa who are living with a disability. Twenty-nine-year-old Casmira will study for a Masters in Disability Policy and Practice at Flinders University, whilst Antonio, 36, will read a Bachelor’s in Community Development at an institution to be confirmed.

“When I heard I was so happy. I could hardly believe it as I only started learning English eight months ago and I knew the application process was very competitive. I want to use this opportunity to help change attitudes to people with a disability in my country. When people living with a disability are denied an education they are denied the chance to be independent.” Australia Awards Scholar 2019, Casmira do Rosario Maia

2019 Australia Awardees

In another first for the 2019 awards, brother and sister Marito and Marilia da Silva Alves from Dili successfully competed for a scholarship place alongside 145 other applicants and will specialise in Professional Engineering and Gender and Development respectively.

Awardees’ studies in 2019 are set to cover Masters’ relating to the private, health, education, infrastructure and community development sectors. On graduation, they will bring back new research, approaches and knowledge supporting Timor-Leste’s economic, social and inclusive development.

Congratulations go to;
ANTONIO CASTRO DA COSTA, Bachelor of Community Development, CASMIRA DO ROSARIO MAIA Master of Disability Policy and Practice, CRISTINA SARMENTO DA COSTA, Master of Health and Human Service Management, DAVIDA CRESCENCIA DE FATIMA MESQUITA, Master of International Trade and Development, ERKULANU DE SOUSA, Master of International Community Development, ERMINIO BASILIO F. SEQUEIRA, Master of Education, FAVIANA BOSCO DE SOUSA, Master of Applied Economics and Econometrics, FELIX MAIA, Master of Development Studies (Gender & Development), JEAN SIMOES DOS SANTOS, Master of Public Administration, JOANICO OLIVEIRA, Master of International Community Development, JOANINHA DA COSTA FREITAS, Master of Engineering (Chemical), LUISA GUSMAO DE GONZAGA, Master of Human Resource Management, MARCELINO JOSE CORREIA, Master of Arts in TESOL,MARILIA DA SILVA ALVES, Master of International Development, MARITO DA SILVA ALVES, Master of Engineering Science (Structural), NICODEMOS DOS REIS PEREIRA, Master of Taxation, NILTON VICENTE, Master of Statistics, TARCISIO MARIA AMARAL, Master of Public Health, THOMAS ALMEIDA BORGES, Master of Public Policy and Management, UMBELINA CARDOSO, Master of Education (TESOL).

When they graduate they will join a cohort of more than 280 Australia Awards Alumni already contributing to a brighter future in Timor- Leste and strengthening on-going links with Australia. A group that includes Timor-Leste’s new Secretary of State for Equality and Inclusion, Maria José da Fonseca Monteiro de Jesus, Minister for Education, Youth and Sport, Dulce do Jesus Soares and a further 13 alumni now in significant positions in the VIII Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste.

To find out more about alumni achievements and how they’re contributing to Timor-Leste’s development here.


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