Applications for Australia Awards Scholarships for the 2022 intake are open now

Applications close on Friday 30th April 2021


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Applications are strongly encouraged from women, people with disabilities and those living in rural areas.


Notice to all Australia Awards scholarship applicants in Timor-Leste for the 2022 Intake

Please be informed that due to the current lockdown and devastating floods in Dili and other parts of Timor-Leste, Workforce Development Program will accept scholarship applications with original and translated graduate certificate & transcripts from the Ministry of Education that have not been legally certified.

 If you require any advice or assistance with your online scholarship application please call the scholarship team on 77064302 or 77064305.




Please be informed that due to the current lockdown in Dili, the program has developed temporarily Australia Awards 2022 intake briefing video below. For any queries about Australia Awards Scholarship online application please contact to:

7706 4302 or 7706 4305.


Australia Awards Scholarship is appreciate Juliana Marques Cabral for voluntarily creating tutorial video on how to fill in AAS application, below:



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