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Our showcase featured research from mana Casmira do Rosario Maia that conducted as part of her master’s course work while undertaking an Australia Awards scholarship in Disability Policy and Practice at Her research was presented on 29 August 2022, at Centru João Paulo II.

Mana Casmira Maia’s small scale research outlines how Microenterprise offers an alternative that can be satisfying, meaningful, enjoyable, and cost significantly less to implement. Microenterprise also provides a viable job opportunity for people with disabilities in developing countries including Timor-Leste because it prioritises individual qualities, talents, and interests.

Alumni showcases are designed to inform the development of Timor-Leste through the presentation and discussion of research completed whilst studying in Australia. The research is presented to an invited audience of decision makers, academics, NGOs, private sector contacts and public servants.

From economic development to engineering, pig management, cervical cancer and to the perspectives of people with disabilities and more, the alumni showcase series has covered a wide range of research topics to date. If you would like to attend the upcoming showcases please email

You can view and download mana Casmira’s presentation in English here: Presentation-Casmira-Maia’s-Showcase-Microenterprise.pdf