Sector Groups

There are currently eight alumni sector groups, covering a wide range of practical development initiatives. Their key purpose is to support alumni to identify, plan and implement engagement activities and to provide opportunities for alumni to contribute their professional expertise and demonstrate their personal commitment to addressing development challenges in Timor-Leste.

The groups are funded by the Australian Government’s Aid Program and membership is voluntary.

If you would like to join an existing group or to set up a new group, please contact the Alumni Secretariat Coordinator

Consists of fifteen people who are:  Elisabeth Pereira Hasan (Coordinator), Armandina Gusmão Amaral, Carmeneza dos Santos Monteiro, Jonia Brites da Cruz, Endang Soares da Silva, Celestina Ximenes, Maria Nunes, Imaculada Belo, Dr. Raimundo dos Santos, Angelina Amaral Gusmão, Geraldo Ximenes, Dra. Amelia Barreto, Dr. Mateus Pinheiro, Dr. Gustodio Alves de Jesus and Isamel Barreto, Lourenço Camnahas, Imaculada Lobo Maia, Veneza Ferreira, Silvya Abel.  

This group conducts health-related activities. Activities to date have included seminars for young people on early pregnancy, sharing research findings about domestic violence injury, developing, providing PPE and other materials in support of the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 response and providing water tanks in support of the National Directorate of Water and Sanitation’s COVID-19 response.

There are nine people in this sector: Dulce Ximenes Soares (Coordinator), Tome H.M. Gonçalves, Nelida Alves, Miguel Roxiano, Salvador Pires, Belsa Gama, Domingos Teixeira Guterres and Rui Soares.

The infrastructure group is developing plans for 2021. They plan to consult with secondary students through school visits and brainstorming activities.

The sector consists of twelve people Sergio Thong and Agostinho Cabral (Group lead), Felix Piedade, Alberto Piedade, Jorge da S. Guterres, Frangki Raturoman dos Santos, Belina Maia do Rosario, Liboria Fátima Savio, Filomeno Martins, Dionisio Sarmento, Joaninha Lu and Suzana Rodriques, Augusto Sarmento, Silvestre Ximenes, Maria Goncalves Sufa.


Education activities to date have included supporting unemployed youth to develop career plans. Future plans, include a mentoring program for young people in in Dili and the Municipality of Lospalos.

Nine alumni in this sector include  Grazela Albino(Group Coordinator), Domingos Mesquita, Acacio Pinto, João Noronha, Arsenia da Cruz, Jonio Julio da Costa Soares, Joaninha Lu, Joaquim Soriano Viana (Ule) and Afonso Silva Alves, Zulmira Fonseca, Crissantos da Conceicao, Anita dos Santos, Edmundo Corbafo, Jean Simoes dos Santos, Casmira Maia. 

Activities undertaken by this sector include seminars on environmental sustainability for schools across Dili municipality including recycling activities, seminars on environmental sustainability and waste management.

Future plans include a workshop on raising local business operator’s awareness of E-Wallet facilities which support money transfer and can be used during COVID-19 closures and lockdown restrictions.

Seven alumni in this sector include Maria Natalice Ximenes (Group Coordinator), Marcia Exposto e Silva, Roni Pati Tpoi, Ligia Parada, Alipio de Almeida, Abrão Pereira and Matias Tavares.

To date they have supported local communities with information and demonstration of the use of environmentally friendly cook stoves, raised awareness of how to construct pig pens and how to implement basic biosecurity measures as preventive tools for African Swine Fever three villages in Municipal of Liquica.

There are seven people who are Isidoro Correia (Group Coordinator), Marcia Exposto e Silva, Elvis Tinoco Guterres, Maria Nunes, Natalina dos Santos, Helche Silvestre and Joel de Lima.

The sector supports alumni with communication issues.

Future plans include supporting women’s groups to develop their media communication skills so they can promote their organisation’s activity.

There are more than 20 alumni engaged in this sector, alumni from the Government of Timor-Leste scholarship program have also joined the group. The members are  Gil Zairo (Group Coordinator), Joel de Lima, Geraldo Ximenes, Felix Piedade, Joaquim Soriano, Francisco Godinho Amaral, Fernando Carceres, Manuel Guimaraes, Francisco Asis, Abrao Soares, Martinho Sarmento, Gerson Jeronimo, Joao Nonato, Agus Pereira, Eligio Belo, Eric Viegas, Octavio Silva, Inacio Orlando, Dino da Silva, Victor, Orlando Napoleon, Rui Soares, Salvador Pires, Raimundo dos Santos, Samuel, Joaninha Lu, Elvis Ximenes, Januario Silveiro, Augusto Sarmento, Abrao Soares, Igo Marquez, Felisbela Pires, Maria Oliveira, Clotilde Ferreira, Monrique Reis.


The sector arranges regular sporting activities including friendly matches with other alumni associations and organisations involved in volunteer and humanitarian activity in the community level.  

TL3A Disability Networking Group is led by Casmira Maia and consisted of 14 members. The mission is to promote empowerment and positive social change for people with disabilities in mainstream society and to promote professional development opportunities for people with disabilities. The main objective of this group are: 

  • To ensure sustainable capacity building to people with disabilities and promote disability awareness among alumni
  • To share relevant information to support people with disabilities as part of increasing their involvement in Australia Awards Timor-Leste (AATL) program
  • To provide support to people with disabilities to access various opportunities including Australia Award Scholarships

If you would like to join a sector group or have an idea for a new sector group please contact the Alumni Secretariat for more information