Entrepreneur Workshop


The Australia Awards Office in Timor-Leste supports alumni with ongoing professional development opportunities. In 2019 this included a workshop for alumni interested in setting up their own business featuring international and local entrepreneurs.

At the request of alumni, the program organised a further workshop on 1 October in association with UNDPs KJFL and the SEEWAY project. The workshop provided alumni with an opportunity to learn from successful entrepreneurs in Timor Leste and how to survive in difficult times. To link with local business development networks and understand Timor-Leste’s business rules and regulations. To identify and develop their own business idea and proposal for establishing their business.

The previous entrepreneur workshop in 2019 featured Global Australia Award Alumni Nilamsari Sahadewa, founder and owner of Kebab Rafi Indonesia, Acacio Pinto, alumni and Co-Director of DyoKacy Café and Restaurant and coffee entrepreneur and former seasonal worker, Nuno Ridenio.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an entrepreneur in Timor-Leste there are lots of useful resources available via the following link https://alumni.state.gov/resources-entrepreneurs