Studying in Australia

Getting Settled

Things you can do to help you get settled include:

  • Get into a routine, make lists and organise yourself
  • Set yourself realistic targets and rewards for meeting them
  • Learn to use your library resources
  • Get involved! Join societies or go to events that interest you
  • Find out where the local convenience store, banks and pharmacy are located.

Making The Most of Your Studies

Support from your university: Studying in a different country is a great experience. It teaches you about other cultures and to be adaptable, but it can also be challenging for students who are unfamiliar with the Australian educational system and where English is not their first language. To make the most of your studies and help you overcome any challenges you may face it’s worth getting familiar with the support that your university and the Scholarship and Alumni Support Office in Timor-Leste can provide.

Language support: Almost all universities in Australia offer free language support. Your university student liaison officer can advise on available language support classes. You can also find out more information about this support during the orientation day at your university.

Private tutorials: It is normal to feel a bit lost when adapting to a different environment. If you find you are getting behind with your studies, it’s important to act. Keep in mind that all universities in Australia provide private tutorials for their students to support those who are struggling to keep up with their assignments. This support is mostly provided on a pro-bono basis.

Tips for success in your studies

  • Be proactive and ask questions
  • Don’t forget that you are in Australia to study and to gain new knowledge and experiences to bring back to support Timor-Leste’s development.
  • Keep in touch with the Scholarship Team in Timor-Leste as well as your family back home.
  • Use the help centre at your university as much as you can to support you throughout your studies.

Career Planning

It’s never too early to start your career planning. It’s a good idea to re-read and update your career plan every six months.

Take advantage of career support available at your university and develop networks through the student association.

If you are not returning to an existing job, it’s a good idea to research and keep up to date with job and consultancy adverts.

Sign up for ETAN to get regular updates on new job opportunities in country. Research the organisations that you would like to work with when you graduate, get familiar with their objectives, keep an eye on their projects and social media channels.

The Secretariat of the Timor-Leste Australia Awards (TL3A) Alumni can also connect you with Australia Awards alumni who are working in your field in country who may be able to help you. Email

The Australia Awards Timor-Leste Office organise career planning sessions. For more information please contact