Am I eligible?

Australia Awards Scholarships are an open and competitive process providing equal opportunity to all eligible applicants. Before you start your online application it is important to have a good understanding of both the global and local eligibility criteria.

Previous applicants should note that there are changes to compliance requirements each year so you should carefully check that you cover all these requirements to ensure your application is eligible.

For more information about how to apply for a scholarship, you can download a Tetun version of our scholarship leaflet here.

Global eligibility criteria

Global eligibility requirements include age, citizenship restrictions and other requirements. Australia Awards applicants must meet all eligibility requirements detailed in the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook. To check you eligibility and find out more please download and read the handbook and watch the explainer video:

Country-specific conditions

In addition to the eligibility requirements, candidates from Timor-Leste must also meet the following conditions:

  1. Be usually and currently residing in Timor-Leste, and have lived in Timor-Leste for at least 10 years (cumulative) since 1999, with some exceptions for applicants working for the Government of Timor- Leste (GoTL) in a third country
  2.  If a recipient of a previous scholarship, including GoTL scholarships, have worked in Timor-Leste for a minimum of two years cumulatively
  3. Not have citizenship of any developed country (exceptions may be made in some instances for Timorese citizens holding Portuguese citizenship)
  4. Not currently holding another scholarship with the same benefits
  5. Not have been terminated from a previous Australian Government scholarship.

Applicants employed as civil servants must:

  1. Be endorsed by a senior government official e.g. Director General or National Director
  2. Before they start their application, check with the human resource department of the Civil Service Commission if they have permission to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship 
  3. If you are a permanent public servant who was previously awarded a Government of Timor-Leste scholarship, check with the relevant scholarship department to ensure you have fulfilled their scholarship conditions and you can apply for an Australia Awards scholarship and
  4. if you are not a public servant but previously awarded a Government of Timor-Leste scholarship, provide a confirmation letter from the relevant government scholarship department that you are authorised to apply to Australia Awards.