How to Apply?

Online applications are highly recommended. You can apply online at: For assistance in lodging your application on OASIS, please refer to the OASIS user guide.

For more information about how to apply for a scholarship, you can download a Tetun version of our scholarship leaflet here and Timor-Leste Country Profile for intake 2025  here

Before you apply it is important to familiarise yourself with the global eligibility and in country eligibility criteria on the Am I Eligible? page.

Completing your application

The selection process is very competitive. Applicants should invest time and effort in developing their application and collecting the required support documentation.


Australia Awards How to Fill in Your Application Video


Tetun Version of How to Fill in Your Application Video!

Maneira Oinsá Atu Prenxe Aplikasaun ba Bolsu Estudu Australia Awards!

What makes a strong application?

The selection process is based on merit so your application and CV need to stand out by showing the selection panel that you rank highly against the selection criteria.

The criteria covers the following three areas:

  1. Academic competence
  2. Potential outcome, specifically the contribution to development outcomes in Timor-Leste
  3. Professional and personal leadership skill attributes including relevant work experience.
Australia Awards Reintegration Plan Video

Application tips and things to consider

  1. Make time to write your application and source all supporting documentation.
  2. Demonstrate your motivation for ongoing study. For example reference any recent short courses, conferences or online study/research you’ve attended or undertaken.
  3. Provide a clear rationale for your choice of course and show how your current employment links to your area of study.
  4. Demonstrate your leadership qualities. For example describe where you’ve solved a problem or implemented a change in your workplace or community.
  5. Detail relevant work experience and show how your career has progressed and how you’ve contributed to your workplace.
  6. Highlight your English language skills. For example have you communicated in English for your job or as a community representative?
  7. Demonstrate your understanding of Timor-Leste’s development challenges and how you would use your new knowledge and skills to make an impact in your professional area.

Key dates

Note: If you are considering applying for a Scholarship, early planning is essential to being able to submit a well-written and well-researched application on time. The Frequently Asked Questions page provides more information about preparing your application.

View the key dates here.