TL3A’s COVID- 19 Response

Alumni News

The TL3A has been demonstrating its capacity as a high performing association throughout the pandemic by refocusing activities and resources.

Alumni took on key roles in the Government of Timor-Leste’s COVID response including as Director of the National COVID-19 testing facility and in the training of frontline COVID-19 workers. The TL3A has also been contributing practically to the COVID-19 response, funding hygiene buckets, water tanks, personal protective equipment and a television talk show highlighting the needs of vulnerable groups.

Most recently, Dr. Felix Piedade handed over water tanks to the Association for the Disabled of Timor-Leste (ADTL) and the Association for Hearing Disability – Timor-Leste (KDT-TL).

The tanks provide a safe water supply, helping both organisations to keep their centres clean, and for staff and visitors to maintain handwashing practices. At the official handover, Executive Director of ADTL, Cesário da Silva said ‘We are very happy with the new tanks. Before we had very limited access to water at both ADTL and KDT-TL, but now, we do not have to worry about getting clean water. We are grateful to the TL3A and hope to continue working together and strengthen our partnership.’